Fall/Winter Color Trends 2009-10

Fall Winter 2009 color trends are friendlier than those of Spring. The palette for Spring was full of pastels which most people find tough to carry. Moreover pastels, though evergreen in nature tend to get boring after a while.

This Fall’s colors are modern yet they have the feel for the past.  Bright yet subtle like the pop of an antique item!

Some of the noteworthy colors are ‘American Beauty’ – a wonderfully balanced, true red which speaks to the need for cohesiveness as described by pantone. Another one is ‘Honey Yellow’ – A warmer more subdued  color.. my favorite this year as it was last year..

The above two colors are extremely suitable for all skin tones and bring warmth and glow to any complexion.

The basic palette for Fall still comprises of Gray (the new black) and Navy blue.

Another favorite this year is favorite is Burnt Sienna – a warm and subtle shade of orange, easily pair-able with Nomad & Creme Brulee.

Carry this Shade card with confidence for any skin tone and enjoy the warm and toasty shades of Winters…




Please come back for detailed color reports and trends for Fall/Winter 2009-10

More at www.istorez.com


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