Wardrobe Must haves for Corporate World – Women’s Wear – I


Take pride in what you do and make sure it reflects in your day today life too!

Make dressing up for work fun and not a chore. I understand mornings are full of  things to do and more, but set aside few seconds to decide what you are going to wear and how its going to help you to feel good.

If you think you don’t have enough time in the mornings set aside your ensemble a day earlier.

The first article focuses on dress shirts/blouses for work.

Dress Shirts/Blouses for Women – Experiment with new styles and COLORS and see what matches your personality best. Playing safe could be boring at times. If you love wearing sleeveless tops but think they are too much for work, match them with very formal skirt or pants.

Tip – Instead of jackets buy 2/4 cardigans in neutral colors and match them with your dress shirts or blouses for work. Jackets tend to be more expensive. You can get the same look with good quality cardigans. Check JCrew for more options.

Grand corsage top
Puff-sleeve ruffle blouse

Ruched-sleeve shirt

Silk georgette tie-front blouse in print

Silk chiffon pleated blouse

Ruffle-front shirt in voile
One-button vest in season less stretch

A perfect item to add interest to your wardrobe. Pair it with any blouse to give your ensemble a different look.
Wear it with Skirt or trousers.
Colors – buy neutral colors so that these can be mixed and matched.

Accessorize –  A key element for any successful look is how you punctuate it! Make sure that you pair the right accessories and its not too loud for work.

If you are unsure of  how much is enough then just remember less is more, especially for work.

Here are some key pieces to accentuate your wardrobe for work from iStorez.com.


Light Golden Brown Python Leather Large Tote Bag

Two-tone chain necklace


Tank Solo Watch/Small

MAXSTUDIO 'Toshi' Mary Jane Pump

MAXSTUDIO ‘Toshi’ Mary Jane Pump

Have fun and come back to check out the next article on work wear.



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