Spring Summer 2010 Top Color Trends – Turquoise Love

With basics remaining the same i.e the gray is the new black and white always rules, here are some

new colors for Spring Summer 2010 which are sure to color your wardrobe summery!


<<<<Trending now is this jewel tone Turquoise color for Spring Summer 2010.
Cool, soothing and fresh its one of the easiest colors to match with spring hues. Check some color combinations below.


 best color combinations with turquoise color

short summer dress spring 2010 summer dresses for spring 2010, dress color trends spring 2010
image Short silk jacket in turquoise color, summer top trend turquoise


While you keep reading, I am going to go and shoot for some cool pieces (locally,in Gurgaon)  you can add to your wardrobe this year..

Come back for more.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Deepali Rishipathak says:

    Wow Payal, your collection is amazing! If I were to buy something, will you be able to send it to me here?
    Thanks and keep up the great work :).

  2. payaljaggi says:

    Hi Deepali, Thanks for your lovely feedbck. I hv access to only pashmina shawls. I am also in the process oftalingot new artisans/designers to pomoe them throgh this blog..
    Hopefuly will be able to help you in the future..

  3. ????? When did ya study your Image Consultancy???? Wow did’nt mention!!! You, ofcourse knew I am doing the same thing..strange…you never mentioned!!

    Anyways, good luck!! Hope this takes off for you in Delhi and Gurgaon!

    Beats me, why you didnt mention that we were on a similar path, or rather, hmmm on second thoughts, I guess I know why!!!

    1. payaljaggi says:

      Hi Vandy, ofcourse you knew I was into fashion. I hv ben blogging andconsulting on fashion for quite some time now…
      You were offf FB for some time I guess thats why you missed it!

  4. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

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