Find of the Day – Antique Hand Painted Urns & Ullus (;D)



Went to Delhi, to Hauz Khaz for some work and came across this shop called orient-crafts. Since I had time to kill I went inside the store to browse through their collection. The shop has a nice mix of new and old stuff mostly from Rajasthan. The guy who works at the shop, Rakesh, was really helpful and knowledgeable. 
By  far the cutest and most affordable thing at the shop were these wooden lacquer pots, arranged beautifully in an armoire.
I picked the one in top shelf, extreme right in dark green color. I am not too sure if they are actually from Bikaner cos the workmanship and colors are very Tibetan. If you have any info on them pls feel free to share.
The price ranges from INR500-INR1000. Orient Craft, Hauz Khaz Village.  Just before leaving the shop I saw these cute little ullus (; D)ullu2 hand carved and hand painted.
Apparently they are used as good luck charms in Rajasthan, hence you will see them in all sizes. I didn’t pick any, though  I was very tempted. Wanted to keep something aside for the next trip to Hauz Khaz..
Had a fun fun day…

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