Violet Riot – Spring Summer 2010

Next in the series of Spring Summer 2010 Color trends is the color violet. The color associated with spring blooms and freshness.



Beautiful and Feminine, Violet adds romance to any mood. Some of the most pretty dresses I have seen this season on the ramp were in color Violet.
Be it printed or solid, Spring Summer 2010 Color – Violet is a sure winner .



Neeta Lulla Tunic in Lilac

Satya Paul Saree in Blue and Lilac


Available at Aldo Shoes


-Payal Jaggi


3 Comments Add yours

  1. aeysha thakur says:

    Hi Payal

    I love your blog and the way you articulate fashion. I recently stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed reading it.

    I had one question for you to get advice based on your expertise.

    I have been wearing sarees for the past few months and love wearing them.
    What is your opinion on this saree Black is my favorite color and so is Blue and Beige … Do you have suggestions to accessorize?

    Also, I use a non cling polyester nylon half-slip instead of a cotton petticoat which is typically non traditional according to my mother. What do you think?

    Will be excited to hear from you

    1. payaljaggi says:

      Hi Ayesha, Thanks for reaching out.
      1 – I am not personally a big fan of this saree, unless you are really tall. Borders at the end can make you look shorter and same with big circles.
      2 – Half slip means till knee length?
      3- Accessorries for summer should be light. Anything chunky would look overwhelming..
      – try few thin silver or plain gold bangles, Hair clips if you are tying your hair.. etc


  2. aeysha says:

    Hi Payal

    Thanks for the detailed email. So nice to hear your opinions

    1. I totally agree, most of sarees do not have borders and circle. They are plain off white, blue, beige and I usually accessorize with matching color bangles … BTW: You have amazing astute to fashion.
    What about the latest trend in kurtis?

    2. It’s a full length half slip not till knee. It’s like a petticoat except it’s of nylon, satin material, like the ones we wear under a western business skirt (almost like skirt lining) with a hem lace. It’s non-traditional and unlike a indian petticoat with drawstring, all my slips are elastic and does not hold the sarees weight at times. Also my ployester nylon sarees cling to my slips sometimes.
    Have you tried this before and any advice?
    I exactly have this and this too

    3. I do use hairclips like you suggest.

    Would love to hear more advice ..


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