The New Luxury Color – White!

The color of  bravery, purity, nobility, softness, emptiness, God, knowledge, heaven,peace, life, frost, milk, cream, cotton, angels,bones, protagonist, winter, innocence! White has many colors and meanings and the new one is “Color of Luxury & Uniqueness”.

A white peacock, how rare is that? As beautiful as a french lily and a british bungalow..

Dont you think these are beautiful and rare..

They always look majestic and unique..

Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world stand apart etched in white marble.

The early monuments and houses (British Bungalows)

have all been made in white keeping in mind the weather conditions of India.

Its a very viable color for North India especially where summers are long and humid.

FASHION – From Armani White Jacket to Badgely Mischka wedding gowns, From White Hermes to COCO Chanel’s new ceramic watch and from NY to ND – white is emerging as one of the top colors of luxury..

Apple paved the way for it and now the world is following..

India is a perfect place (including tropical countries) to don white for an evening out. Breezy and light white is a perfect color for Indian summers..

White can also be worn in winters, provided you understand how to use it.

A perfect color for winter jackets or accessories, white gives a luxe and aloof look in winters.

Home Decor –  Decorating home with white could be a challenge. Stick to classics like linens, flower vases and furniture in white as they are easy to clean and maintain. When buying furniture in white make sure you are buying white metal or painted wood as they are easy to clean with some use of bleach.

White linene for home is again one of my favorite thing to use at home for bed and for covering the dining chairs. You can also check GOOD EARTH for white Table linens.

In my next article I would be looking for white products across Delhi and Gurgaon. Stay tuned!



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  1. FlowerGuy says:

    Hey, great post. Great blog. It is clean and to the point. I have bookmarked it for future reading. You know it is rare to find quality content on these things…

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