Interior Decor – Accent chair

Finished designing and upholstering this chair for a client last week.

Thought will share with you guys too. I picked the fabric from Muslin on MG road,

I worked with my furniture maker to make this contemporary chair for the bedroom. We used 7 Meters of fabric for this chair and about a week to finish this. Let me know what you think?

We are now proceeding to designing sofas for the home, and its fun to check out the fabric options in India.

Check back for more images.

– Payal Jaggi



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mallika says:

    I could definitely see myself sitting in this chair, feet curled up, warm by the window with a book in my hand and dreams in my heart. A chair can make you feel like royalty and this one would sure be it!!!!

  2. Aaron Smith says:

    My decorator friend has been recommending these very contemporary chairs for people who want to combine their computer space with their entertaining space. And they are a great conversation starter!

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