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Work wear for women, India handbags, what to wear at work, handbags for office
Zara, Double Handle, City Satchel

The category most popular and most required is bags for work which not only need to be stylish but functional too! many a times we end up buying smart polyurethane handbags, which really look good in the beginning but loose luster after a months use. When choosing for work, invest smartly in a leather satchel, tote or a duffle bag which are more expensive than polyurethane bags but have a longer life and they age gracefully.

Some of the choices available in India, Delhi or Gurgaon for handbags for women are –

A plethora of handbags manufacturers and importers have flooded the market, hence a better variety for you guys. I would still recommend an international brand as the design sense and quality is higher with an exception of DaMilano (bags made in India and quite good in quality, though they only use buffalo leather)

Leather handbags for women, work wear handbags
Accessorize, Leather Handbag

Mango, Faux leather Handbag

Check the bags from Mango and Zara to use these as laptop bags or just handbags for work.

Laptop bags for women, handbags for work, handbags for office
Mango, Laptop Bag

Laptop or Handbag for women for work
Zara,leather Handbag/ Laptop Bag

Be creative and have some fun by adding color to your wardrobe by using colored leather handbags. Check the bottom two from Zara and Da Milano. Priced sweetly under 10K, excellent quality and make.

Zara, Leather Handbag
Zara, Buffalo Leather handbag

Leather Handbags for women
Da Milano, Leather Handbag

Come back for an article and best finds on City bags available in India..

-Payal Jaggi


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