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Home Decor Ideas with Unique Knobs

Handmade Ceramic Knobs
Handmade Ceramic Knobs

 Check out these attractive ceramic knobs, in different colors and patterns. They are available in any hardware store and if you need something very authentic and handmadetry a store in Sunder Nagar, Delhi (I forgot the name of the shop)

I bought these knobs (below) years ago from kurukshetra and finally managed to have a place from them on this hand painted dresser.

Mix the colors & sizes of the knobs to give your furniture a unique look. Choose from Jewel color tones to earthy/ethnic colors of Rajasthan. Trey different shapes to add more interest.

Painted furniture
Hand Painted Dresser in dark Orange

Refinished it with sage green, cream & black color, here is another find from a yard sale in USA. This cupboard is from 1920 and was dark brown in color.I found these horn and bone knobs from to replace the old knobs and add a bit of contemporary look to the cupboard.

Antique dresser, refinished in green and crier color with horn and bone knobs from
 Horn and bone knobs from


You can also find horn and bone knobs in Delhi, Sunder nagar market.

Check this e-bay page for deals on Ceramic knobs

and we have some new additions for you 🙂 enjoy –

Ceramic Butterfly Knobs at


Medallion Vintage Style Ceramic Knobs, Shabby Chic Decor, Ceramic Knobs in pastel Colors
Medallion Vintage Style Ceramic Knobs


Check more at





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  1. Those knobs are so pretty.

  2. Ronald Altom says:

    very informative blog thanks

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