Trunk Affair!

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Mixing New with Old

I sat down to research about how to recycle old trunks and came across many interesting ideas. Few of them (pictures above) were extremely interesting and few plain bore!

Here are some filtered results for you –

1) Use the old tin/wood trunks/luggage to make seating area in your patio, yard or terrace. The trunks not only are utilized beautifully but also add color and interest in your yard. Get some tufted cushions to fix on top.


Recycled trunk turned into a chair, accent chair, rustic chair, recycling old luggage
Recycled Trunk Turned into a Chair

My fav from the pool of ideas was this custom chair selling for approximately 1000 USD in a store in USA.

Get some custom cushion for your luggage and fix wood or iron legs to the base. You not only get a unique chair but also an extra point for recycling old stuff!



3) Cutest in the lot was this vintage suitcase turned into a Pet’s bed, with straps holding up the cushion for the bed! It’s really easy to add legs to the luggage and you don’t even need a custom cushion. Just stuff up the bag with an old pillow.



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  1. S.R.Ayyangar says:

    What an idea! The junk yard on Loft can be turned in to some thing unique and useful. This should inspire others to make use of the junk collected over a period of time.(Incidentally yesterday only I have written about the junk yard on lofts on my blog-

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