Animal Instinct!

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Scorching heat contrasted with beige and brown Animal print dress for the evening wear – a perfect style statement!

I came across these dresses in Zara and on few online portals..Couldn’t resist sharing with you guys!

Classy, timeless and effortless – try adding leopard prints to your wardrobe to add interest. Stick to natural colors to avoid looking tacky.

My fav. is a the leopard print jacket from Zara. Wear it with all black/ white attire or throw it casually on top of a dress.

Accessorize with care while wearing these prints. A small thin bracelet in same print wont do harm but a same print shoe can! DO not repeat the print in your ensemble to keep it attractive without overdoing it.

Leopard print jacket or a dress with plain red or beige shoes would look really nice. Carry a animal print handbag with solid color clothes only.

Share with us if you find anything interesting in this print and we will post it for you!



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