Mens Spring Summer Dressing Style 2011!

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Mens Spring Summer Style 2011

Sexy, Sauve and Cool: these are the words which come to my mind when I see men dressed in Linens. What can do more justice to Indian summers than linen clothing in cream, grey or beige color?

A new color pretty popular in linen for this summer is N Blue, replacing the black for summer 2011.

Check out Zara’s summer collection for latest summer wear for 2011.

Look smart and yet casual without too much color! Urban in nature the Zara 2011 collection for men is stylish and at par with current trends in Fashion for Men.

Tips for Summer Dressing for Men :

When dressing up in neutrals make sure the accessories are in brown or crier color, for example wear the white linen pants with brown shoes & beige/ brown belt.

The hats, any style should be in neutral color too. Accessories like bags would look ideal in tan color. 

Do not go for tight-fitting clothes when choosing smart casual wear. The slouchy, carefree look is back in style and would only look good if the fit is not too tight.

The linen pants come in two styles – drawstring and belted. Choose drawstring pants to get a classy, comfy look. Also linen pants matched with a natural fibre shirt and a linen jacket would look ideal for a summer wedding or a beach wedding. 

Get leather moccasins or leather sandals to finish the look.

Rule of the thumb : colored linen shirts go with white, gray or beige linen pants; white linen shirts go with colored, gray or beige linen pants. 

Need style advice for summer dressing? Feel free to contact me.

-Payal Jaggi

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