Lavender Hearts

kinche presents, handmade lavender hearts and sachets made of pure dry lavender flower imported from Kashmir. Keep the Lavender Sachets in your cupboards to fill them with fine Lavender smell or just hang them to a hanger in your wardrobe.

Lavender flower is a natural moth repellant and has no chemicals. The sachet last from 3 to 6 months and after that you can crush the content inside to make it last longer.

Lavender Sachets, India, Cupboard moth free solution, Natural Moth Repellant, Natural bugs repellant for clothes India
Lavender Pouch

Lavender Sachet made with 100% Linen Fabric and Chantilly Lace.

Filled with 40 Grams of Dry lavender Flower.

Natural Moth Repellant.

INR 380


Lavender bag, Display lavender, Car perfume, Natural perfume for car, Chemical free perfume for car, chemical free deodorizer
Bird Shape Stuffed lavender Bag

Handmade with 100% Linen Fabric.

Filled with 50 Grams of Dry Lavender flower.

Use it as a display for your car and to keep the car smelling fresh.

Natural Moth Repellant

INR 420


Lavender Bags, India, Shop online, Home goods online India
Lavender Filled Sachet/ Pouch


Handmade with 100% Cotton Percale Fabric.

Filled with 50 Grams of Dry Lavender flower.

Lavender, Drawer Sachets/ Bags.

Natural Moth Repellant

INR 380

Hope you enjoyed viewing/ purchasing the products as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

See ALL at Kinche Boutique.


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