Maniac Monday!

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Work Wear monday

Monday morning chaos, weekend was a dream, next one out of sight! Lets make it easy for you by deciding your ensemble (and if its not on top of your head, then make it)!

Make work wear fun and something to look forward to this week! Get this look or mix and match items from your wardrobe.

Experiment with different types of clothing items every day & make Friday dressing very fun!

Look Good, Feel Good!

-Payal J

Plus Size Dressing – Tips & Tricks!

This is not not your regular post on what to wear for plus sizes, but how to wear it. India has plenty of choices for plus size women or women with curves (as i like to say it).

Flaunt your curves in the right way and do not get narrowed down by the choices available in market in Apparel.

First thing First – Be proud of yourself and who you are! Take pride in dressing up and always feel good about your choices!

Here are some Tips for women in India and some observations made –


Indian wear is the most generous and forgiving form of dressing and it actually accentuates your curves if chosen wisely –

1) When it comes to saris, always try and go for small prints, solid color with least of embroideries and works! Try experimenting with different shapes of blouses  – for example deeper necks and longer sleeves, preferably 3/4 length as it can make your upper arms look slimmer.

– always choose good quality fabric and natural fabrics, like silk, cotton, chiffon or georgettes.

Saree for Plus size Women
Saree for Plus size Women

a) Tie your sari, slightly above the belly button. Do not tie a sari on your waist as it can make your middle look bigger.

b) Keep the colors simple (1 or 2) and avoid big or complicated prints. You can definitely choose bold colors though!

c) Accessorizing – Keep it minimum and if dressing for a wedding wear necklaces away from your face. If you are a plus size woman avoid wearing chokers.

Keep it to one bracelet or thin bangles while choosing jewelry for hand.

Go for longer earings instead of big studs.

Remember less color, less fussy prints and less jewelry gives a feeling of lightness.

To be continued for western wear and suits for plus size women – watch the space!

Look Good Feel Good!

-Payal Jaggi

Not so Gothic – Fall Winter 2011 Lace Trend

Lace Trend Fall Winter 2011

Fall Winter 2011 Top Trend – Lace trend

From flashy to trendy, from downright gothic to extremely feminine, from tarty to sophisticated, Fall Winter 2011 runway was full of lace in all forms and styles.

Lace apparel can be very feminine or can be very revealing. Choose what you like carefully as their is a pretty thin line between classy and tartish when it comes to Lace.

Here are some pieces chosen from various retailers in India, which I think are pretty clean and would definately enhance your wardrobe.

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Mango Lace Dress India

Mango, Ivory Lace Dress with cinched waist and a leather belt. Available at FCUK, Ambiance Mall,Gurgaon.

Zara Lace Blouse in green,line shopping lace on
Zara Lace Blouse in green


Zara Black Lace Dress, Black lace dress india,
Zara Black Lace Dress


Not any easy, fabric to embrace, so choose wisely when choosing an outfit or when going for bespoke clothing in Lace.

I personally think a Lace Sari would be a good addition to your wardrobe for current season. Choose a good quality as can make you look v frumpy, if made of cheaper quality.

ASOS Lace Top
Sexy ASOS Lace Top


Lace Top Promod
Lace Top Promod


Lace Bustier, India
Lace Bustier with a Jacket


Here is the link to an EBAY page if you are looking for a Lace bustier.

Accessories – Keep accessories to minimum and no fuss, as Lace garment can be pretty showy itself. Keep shoes simple in contrast color with out any embellishments on it.

Play the rest of the accessories down to accentuate your Lace Garment.


Feel free to write to me at, if you have any style related queries!

Look Good, Feel Good

-Payal Jaggi

Fall Winter Jumpsuits 2011

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Fall Winter 2011 Jumpsuit Trends

Come Fall and the love for Jumpsuits for women is still in the air! From Lace to Twill and From Full Sleeves to Mini, they were all there on the ramp 2011!

Here are some what I think are really cool –

Jumpsuits at Zara, Winter Jumpsuits at zara, Jumpsuits online India
Zara open back Jumpsuit

Zara’s beautiful black jumpsuit, available at Saket & Vasant Kunj

Wear it with – Pumps in contrast color, preferrably bronze color or bright blue. Accessories with a cuff.

Promod Jumpsuit

Wear it with a contact color cardigan for winters or a woolen stole.

Zara Denim Jumpsuit
Zara Denim Jumpsuit

Wear with a Fuchsia or contrast color cardigan.

Sequin Jumpsuit
Sequin Jumpsuit ASOS

ASOS Jumpsuit 

Beautiful Sequin Jumpsuit available online, with delivery worldwide at

Share with us your cool finds in India, write to us and we will update the info.

Feel free to call if you have any style related queries or write to


-Payal Jaggi

Work Dress Code Thursday!

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Yaaay Friday around the corner, all the more reasons to celebrate Thursday!!! Check out this work ensemble for women from Zara & Accessorize, put together to make you look pretty!

The palette is all neutral colors accented with red to add a tinge of fun!

I love these shoes I saw at Zara last week and couldn’t help adding them to the look. You can choose any style shoes in beige preferably or a subtle red..

Don’t go too matchy match while making changes and keep in mind that red is an accent color in this ensemble..

Look Good, Feel Good!