Not so Gothic – Fall Winter 2011 Lace Trend

Lace Trend Fall Winter 2011

Fall Winter 2011 Top Trend – Lace trend

From flashy to trendy, from downright gothic to extremely feminine, from tarty to sophisticated, Fall Winter 2011 runway was full of lace in all forms and styles.

Lace apparel can be very feminine or can be very revealing. Choose what you like carefully as their is a pretty thin line between classy and tartish when it comes to Lace.

Here are some pieces chosen from various retailers in India, which I think are pretty clean and would definately enhance your wardrobe.

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Mango Lace Dress India

Mango, Ivory Lace Dress with cinched waist and a leather belt. Available at FCUK, Ambiance Mall,Gurgaon.

Zara Lace Blouse in green,line shopping lace on
Zara Lace Blouse in green


Zara Black Lace Dress, Black lace dress india,
Zara Black Lace Dress


Not any easy, fabric to embrace, so choose wisely when choosing an outfit or when going for bespoke clothing in Lace.

I personally think a Lace Sari would be a good addition to your wardrobe for current season. Choose a good quality as can make you look v frumpy, if made of cheaper quality.

ASOS Lace Top
Sexy ASOS Lace Top


Lace Top Promod
Lace Top Promod


Lace Bustier, India
Lace Bustier with a Jacket


Here is the link to an EBAY page if you are looking for a Lace bustier.

Accessories – Keep accessories to minimum and no fuss, as Lace garment can be pretty showy itself. Keep shoes simple in contrast color with out any embellishments on it.

Play the rest of the accessories down to accentuate your Lace Garment.


Feel free to write to me at, if you have any style related queries!

Look Good, Feel Good

-Payal Jaggi


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