Plus Size Dressing – Tips & Tricks!

This is not not your regular post on what to wear for plus sizes, but how to wear it. India has plenty of choices for plus size women or women with curves (as i like to say it).

Flaunt your curves in the right way and do not get narrowed down by the choices available in market in Apparel.

First thing First – Be proud of yourself and who you are! Take pride in dressing up and always feel good about your choices!

Here are some Tips for women in India and some observations made –


Indian wear is the most generous and forgiving form of dressing and it actually accentuates your curves if chosen wisely –

1) When it comes to saris, always try and go for small prints, solid color with least of embroideries and works! Try experimenting with different shapes of blouses  – for example deeper necks and longer sleeves, preferably 3/4 length as it can make your upper arms look slimmer.

– always choose good quality fabric and natural fabrics, like silk, cotton, chiffon or georgettes.

Saree for Plus size Women
Saree for Plus size Women

a) Tie your sari, slightly above the belly button. Do not tie a sari on your waist as it can make your middle look bigger.

b) Keep the colors simple (1 or 2) and avoid big or complicated prints. You can definitely choose bold colors though!

c) Accessorizing – Keep it minimum and if dressing for a wedding wear necklaces away from your face. If you are a plus size woman avoid wearing chokers.

Keep it to one bracelet or thin bangles while choosing jewelry for hand.

Go for longer earings instead of big studs.

Remember less color, less fussy prints and less jewelry gives a feeling of lightness.

To be continued for western wear and suits for plus size women – watch the space!

Look Good Feel Good!

-Payal Jaggi


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  1. Kalki says:

    Nice tips you mentioned in this post to dress plus size curve. I liked it. I have plus size curve so I would try it.

  2. Pavitraa Fashion says:

    Very good information and tips about plus size dressing.
    women clothing online shopping India

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