Timeless Fashion ~ Vintage Wear Trend 2012

Look Inside, Look Outside. And try to balance! Yup, it is tough to find things you love while trying to please everyone.

In a similar vien , Vintage Fashion is not everybody’s cup of tea!

There are plenty of reasons to appreciate Vintage clothing. For me it’s the quality, the timeless appeal, the chance to look different, to own a one of a kind piece & to top it all, a chance to tastefully recycle!

When it comes to Vintage, Two of my favorite styles are 1920’s Flapper & 1950’s Wiggle Dresses! I think the dresses or Apparel from this era epitomize feminine style.

And, since these are sensibilities from an era gone by –  flaunt shamelessly, after knowing what not to flaunt.

The Do’s & Dont’s of Vintage Style Dressing : Like any other trend or way of dressing,  “less is more” here as well. Don’t go overboard trying to mimic the era completely.  My advice will be to make it your own and merge the old with the new. Choose wisely according to your body type & accessorize accordingly.

When buying Vintage clothing make sure you know the actual measurements – yours and the apparel. Don’t go just by the suggested sizes by the seller.

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Classic Black Vintage Dresses ~ kinche.com

At kinche.com we have some lovely pieces of vintage dresses, available for delivery across India. These pieces are hand selected from various cities across the world. Sizes may vary accordingly – again, watch the actuals.



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