Spring Summer 2012 Top Color Trends ~ Tangerine Tango

tangerine Tango ~ Spring Summer top color trend 2012

tippy tippy tap, what color you want…ummmm Tangerine? right! Spring Summer’s most sought after color, bright, colorful and cheerful!

a color of vitality and vigor, stick to it to add some zing to your wardrobe. orange clothes reflect a warm glow on the wearer’s face hence making the person look younger.

Spring Summer 2012 Color Trends, Color Trends India 2012, Shop online India
Spring Summer 2012 Color Trends
Mango Maxi Dress
Mango Maxi Dress
shop jumpsuit online India
Designer Yosef peretz at kinche.com
Available at Zara

Accessories – play  a major part when it comes to color trends for any season. If the color is too bold for you, you can always play around with the accessories. Be it shoes, handbags or Jewelry, don’t be afraid to buy in bold colors as accessories are meant to pep up the ensemble!

Anya Sushko Clutch Bag in Tangerine, Handbags online, handbags trends, Zara handbags, Leather handbags, designer handbags India
Anya Sushko Clutch Bag in Tangerine available at kinche.com
Mango Handbags
Mango Handbag
Mango Necklace
Mango Necklace
Mango Necklace, Jewelry Zara, Jewelry Mango
Mango Necklaear




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