Dream Happy Dreams ~ Cotton Pajamas for Women

Women Night Wear

Put your feet up with a relaxing cup of green tea and unwind the day’s work sitting comfortably in our cotton Pajams! Yup, they were designed keeping comfort in mind as a second choice 😉

First choice, believe it or not was to get my hands on a “pretty” pajama as I got tired with the choices available in the market! Some were pretty but bad in quality and if everything looked perfect the fit was pathetic!

The worst was lounging around in those at my friends place, hence started the quest for creating not only pretty pajamas but pajamas I can comfortabley strut around in!
(yeah I do not jump into a shower straight after waking up…a cup of coffee and newspaper is more important for me in the morning)

Also here is an interesting history of pajamas i found online which I thought would be fun to share with you guys!

history of women pajamas 🙂

and with much fan fare and drum roll I launch kinche nightwear, for my bffs and girlfriends around the world! I hope you like them as much as I loved designing them!

women sleepwear, cotton sleepwear for women, linen sleepwear for women, cotton pajamas for women
rose print cotton pajama! one of my favourites with striped inner belt and double sided ribbon to create interest. I imported all these accessories and embellishments as I couldnt find what I was looking for 🙂 shop here>>


toile print womenswear, women pajamas, toile print, cotton pajamas for ladies, night wear for women, designer nightwear for women
toile print pajamas for women

<<Toile De juoy is a print close to my heart as I am absolutely in love with toile prints, pink colour and linen fabric! Finished again with imported ribbons and embellishments.

cotton pajama for women, womenswear India, women night wear India
pure cotton pajama with pom poms! Pure cotton pajama, with pom poms at the pocket, pink stripes piping and inner waist! >>>>> love!
crepe pajamas, crepe print nightwear, polka dot pajamas, bird print fabric, bird print pajamas
polka dots, birds and ribbons! <<<< Peppy and cute, my experiment with crepe fabric turned out really well! The fabric is light and soft to touch!

See more at kinche.com, click here!


One Comment Add yours

  1. janvi says:

    These are soo cool 🙂 totally in love with the bird print !<3

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