Women Work Wear Handbags ~ one is not enough! ;)

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Be a working woman or a home maker, when it comes to shoes and bags, one ain’t enough! every occasion requires a different bag, clutches for partying, hobos/ big bags for shopping, totes for work and satchels for anytime 🙂

if your ensemble defines you, then your accessories accentuates your ensemble! choose one what you like and what you can carry comfortably! do not confuse it with whats in fashion and why you should flaunt it. keep a fair grip on the occasion and utility.

here are few suggestions from kinche, see it, like it and make it yours-

Wear to Work Bag – 

simple, stylish yet professional looking bags are the best. you do not want too much bling to attract unnecessary attention yet it shouldn’t be blah either!

keep quality in mind, always! a good leather bag will last you longer and will age well without causing you an unwanted embarrassment of skin peeling (in PVC bags) or fixtures coming out.

here are some finds for you – read on –

Wear to Work, leather Handbag, Calf Skin

kinche, grey Calf Skin Leather Handbag
Annalisa Black Leather Handbag
Women Handbags Online India, Leather Handbags Online India
Annalisa handbag

and…change the game, flaunt the rules, be professional yet edgy..

Wear to Work handbags, professional handbags, Women Office wear handbags
kinche, Red Office Wear Leather Handbag

hope you enjoyed the post. watch out for next one as we will be back with more styles and handbags for you!

keep rocking 😉

-Payal for kinche.com

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  1. Thanks for sharing details.Nice post.

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