Vintage Kantha Jackets

An age old handicraft tradition Kantha embodies the spontaneity, colourfulness and whimsical rhythms of the day-to-day life of its creators- the women in the villages of Bengal and Odissa. And it is to these female artisans as to the awe inspiring women across the globe, we at kinche dedicate our Vintage Kantha Jacket Collection.

Our jackets are up cycled and made of vintage fabric stitched together for years.. kinche believes in sustainable and ethical design and we are proud to present it in a beautiful way through our collection!

We love the contrast between structured and feminine in this collection: using unique swatches of brightly patterned vintage kantha fabrics, kinche has created one-of-a-kind, jackets that elegantly toe the line between modern and boho.

Since each jacket is made of vintage and unique handcrafted material, small blemishes add to the charm of each piece.

About Kantha:

Kantha refers to the distinct style of embroidery used to preserve and re-use vintage cotton saris and dhotis. Artisans patchwork and layer these vibrantly hued fabrics to be brought together by intricate kantha stichwork. The thread used for the work is also pulled from the sarees itself. One-of-a-kind products handcrafted thus, take upto 3 months to complete and enthuse tradition, dexterity and aesthetics in each piece.

Vintage Kantha Jackets
Vintage Kantha Jackets
Vintage Jackets for Women
Vintage Jackets for Women
Vintage Jacket made of Kantha Fabric
Vintage Jacket made of Kantha Fabric
Vintage kantha Jacket for women
Vintage kantha Jacket for women
Handmade Kantha Jacket
Vintage handmade Jacket
vintage jacket for women
kediyun style jacket




Vintage Kediyun

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