Fall/Winter 2015-16, Trend – B&W

and i don’t think black & white trend ever left the runway! every season we have had one designer or the other sticking to b&w theme on the runway, but this time it was humongous!!!

Alexander Mc Queen
Alexander Mc Queen
Fall Winter Trends India 2015-16
Fall/Winter 2015-16 Alberta Ferretti










from chic to gothic, the combination was used liberally by all designers on the runway..

Balenciaga 00900h_426x639 00820h_426x639





Chanel’s Fall/ Winter 2016 B&W collection

 Bottega Veneta 00010h_426x639

our takeaway from the runway would be –

  1. go for b&w look, after all its the easiest trend to follow! don’t forget to add a dash of color with accessories or a color block scarf or a jacket.


  1. match your bag or accessories, that would be going overboard
  2. mix too many patterns if you are not an expert in mixing stripes with checks or prints


  • don’t forget to have fun with this seasons top trends!



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