of Couches & Cushions – Good Earth Saket

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Came across this lovely furniture while browsing the store – Good Earth – in Saket. Though I didn’t pick any furniture I couldn’t help taking pictures for my blog readers and for saving the design for later!

I think the city’s best collection of furniture this season, both in taste and style is at Good Earth.

I saw this beautiful Chintz  Love seat called Bahama and think that it’s perfect for a family room @ INR 62000

Another good pick was this Linen sofa huge and comfy and cushiony – for your living room if you are looking for one. All this furniture though simple in style comes with a huge price tag – Tuscan Linen Sofa – 3 seater -INR 88000, 2 seater – 68000 & chair – 4800 rupees. (but its worth it!)

Happy Shopping

-Payal Jaggi

Add Color to your Room With Brocade Accent Chairs

Love for traveling, finding great stuff and implementing it to something functional = a piece of art!  Though I am sure many of you know about the stuff written below but I guess adding on to the pool of information never hurts!

Recently I traveled to West Bengal and Sikkim. We stopped at Kalimpong which is a hub for shopping and finding great deals. I bought some beautiful Hand Made Brocade fabric both for framing and upholstering my accent chairs(which I am yet to find)


chairs, accent chairs, india, gurgaon shopping, living room furniture,accent furniture
So you if you are in Kalimpong next time don’t forget to check this shop for beautiful artifacts and hand made brocade fabric.
”Norlha” 10th Mile, Rishi Road, Kalimpong
Contact Poonam – 09832031884

The unfinished accent chairs you can find near Gurgaon at MG road. There are plenty of furniture shops and “so called antique manufacturers”(believe me  this is what they said when I called them looking for an antique chair that “they are manufacturers of Antique stuff”) 
The best is to find a family heirloom and reupholster it with brocade silk to add color.
Here is a picture attached of the fabrics I picked….

Silk brocade hand woven fabric from kalimpong, Fabric for reupholstering, Hand made brocade , Accent Chairs

Let me know what you think. Would love to hear from you guys..

Enjoy Life

-Payal Jaggi