Kantha’s quilted ‘designs’

we love when our work is mentioned! thank you Anandi

Marigold Diary

Una paloma blanca,

I’m just a bird in the sky,

Una paloma blanca,

Over the mountains I fly,

No one can take my freedom away…….

-by George Baker (Dutch musician)

It feels like yesterday, when I started jotting down my quirky, traditional and contemporary finds. First year was the most exciting as I visited many to write only about a few and yet had the fire in my belly to visit someone each day. Looking around for creativity in any form gave me a high, specially if it wasn’t written about earlier. From this year, I am taking on a loftier mission of mapping the Indian sub-continent with more oeuvre.

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Statement Jackets ~ Fall/ Winter 2015 Top Trends

aren’t winters incomplete without a trendy trench jacket or just a snug stylish puffer jacket?

whatever it is the trend is never going to leave the runway and this season was an epitome of colourful bright jackets in cotton, silk and wool!

we loved so many pieces and its tough to put them all together here in one blog🙂

our favorite collection is dries van noten’s beautiful, fairytale like outfits, worn with cool nonchalance… the fabrics are rich and teamed with casual pants and culottes.












when choosing a statement pieces its quite important to pair it with subtle and classy pieces unless you are planning to go boho or punk!

Derek Lam032_women_AW1516_426x639












Etro Fall Winter 2015
Dries Van Noten Fall Winter 2015
Etro, Fall Winter 2015
Etro, Fall Winter 2015









and if you think the trend for these lovely outerwear will wear out next season, you are in for a surprise! we found some lovely brocade and silk jackets overlapping the next season too🙂

here are few images from Spring Summer 2016 RTW –

_ARC0598_426x639 _ARC0580_426x639 _ARC0f762_426x639








a striking resemblance to kinche.com jackets😉

DSC_0535 (3) DSC_0680 KKK058
















🙂 come back for more trend updates..


Fall/Winter 2015-16, Trend – B&W

and i don’t think black & white trend ever left the runway! every season we have had one designer or the other sticking to b&w theme on the runway, but this time it was humongous!!!

Alexander Mc Queen
Alexander Mc Queen
Fall Winter Trends India 2015-16
Fall/Winter 2015-16 Alberta Ferretti










from chic to gothic, the combination was used liberally by all designers on the runway..

Balenciaga 00900h_426x639 00820h_426x639





Chanel’s Fall/ Winter 2016 B&W collection

 Bottega Veneta 00010h_426x639

our takeaway from the runway would be –

  1. go for b&w look, after all its the easiest trend to follow! don’t forget to add a dash of color with accessories or a color block scarf or a jacket.


  1. match your bag or accessories, that would be going overboard
  2. mix too many patterns if you are not an expert in mixing stripes with checks or prints


  • don’t forget to have fun with this seasons top trends!




ヴィンテージkanthaの生地で作られたユニークな手作りのジャケット – kinche.comは、その新しいコレクションを発表することを誇りに思います。






Summer Short Dresses Online 2015

Summer Short Dresses Online 2015

kinche is proud to present its collection of unique handmade summer dresses for women. All our Dresses, just like our collection of Women Jackets  are handmade and are one of a kind in the World!🙂

Vintage Fabric Handmade Summer Dress

About Kantha:

Kantha refers to the distinct style of embroidery used to preserve and re-use vintage cotton saris and dhotis. Artisans patchwork and layer these vibrantly hued fabrics to be brought together by intricate kantha stichwork.

The thread used for the work is also pulled from the sarees itself. One-of-a-kind products handcrafted thus, take upto 3 months to complete and enthuse tradition, dexterity and aesthetics in each piece.

We choose these quilts or fabrics from hundreds of pieces and choose some which are light weight and extremely high and unique in style.

Women Grey Summer Maxi Dress Online India, USA

These Fabrics are then brought back to our workshop to convert them into jackets, dresses and skirts according to the natural flow and print of the fabric.

We use extremely high quality embellishments and each piece is finished with imported gross grain ribbon and brass accessories.

Summer Maxi Dresses Online, Independent Designer Dresses, Cotton Summer Maxi Dress
Handmade Summer Maxi Dress by http://www.kinche.com

Each piece is unique as the name suggests and cannot be replicated in any way…

Creating these pieces has been a pleasure and we hope you love our designs as much as we loved making them for you!

-Payal for kinche.com

Women Silk & Brocade jackets ~ Luxury Fashion

Women Silk & Brocade jackets ~ Luxury Fashion

hi all, we have been extremely busy with bringing new designs and new fabrics to our discerning audience across the globe!

haven’t had time to blog off late, and see whats happening in the blogging world..

past 2 weeks we researched about different fabrics and short listed Gyanta Fabric from Tibet, the research also led to knowing more about Tibet and current affairs of Tibet.

we made lovely brocade jackets for women and in the process came across many women profiles actively working for Free Tibet Movement. kinche would like to dedicate these jackets to all strong women who fought for Free Tibet and are still fighting for human rights.

Women Luxury Jackets Online India, Women High Fashion Evening Wear Online India
Brocade Silk Jackets for Women


Luxury jackets, Celebrity Fashion, Evening Wear Online, Women Fashion Online India
Women Hand Made Brocade Silk Luxury jackets
High Fashion Luxury Wear India, Hand Crafted Luxury Jackets
Handmade Brocade Silk Jackets by kinche




Gold Jacket for Women Online India, Women Fashion Online india
Gold & Navy-Blue Luxury Jacket by kinche


DSC_8481 copy


the gold jacket is a mix of kinkhab and tibetan brocade, the slim pleats, low hem from back adds form and structure for added elegance.

Kinkhab & Brocade Silk Jacket for Evening
Women One of a kind unique Fashion Jacket
Handmade Luxury Fashion India




Designer Fashion Online India, Designer Jackets online India
Luxury Women Evening Wear Brocade Jacket
















Luxury Fashion Online, Women Evening wear India, Accent Jacket Online
Handmade Brocade Jacket by kinche.com 
Silk Jackets by kinche.com

pair it up with a silk dress, a pair of trousers or jeans and you have a unique standout ensemble in place! we hope you enjoy wearing these as much as we loved making these jackets for you!



Women Pajamas ~ One is not Enough!

Women Pajamas ~ One is not Enough!

kinche brings summer nightwear 2014 for women in pure cotton, Linen & Silk Crepe Fabric.

We had awesome fun hunting for fabric, designing and getting these made. All kinche pyjamas are made of high quality fabric & finished with imported trims.

The elastic is imported and skin friendly…

We have also given extra lining at belt so that the pyjamas are comfortable to wear and soft to the skin!

Hope you enjoy using them as much as we loved making them!

Pure Cotton Grey Pajama with Lace Trimming


Yellow Floral Print Pajama with Ribbon & Contrast Fabric Trimmings
Pure Cotton, Elephant Print Pajama with Ribbon Pull & Satin Trimmings





Floral Print Cotton Pajama with Contrast Pull and Satin grain Trimmings
Hand Made Pure Linen Pajama with Green Pom Poms and Satin Finishing
Bird Print Dark Pink Pajama with Gross Grain Ribbon Finishing and Pull
Bird Print Crepe Silk Pajama with Contrast Gross grain Pull and Trimmings





Bird and Flower Print Crepe Pajama for Women





Vintage Kantha Jackets

Vintage Kantha Jackets

An age old handicraft tradition Kantha embodies the spontaneity, colourfulness and whimsical rhythms of the day-to-day life of its creators- the women in the villages of Bengal and Odissa. And it is to these female artisans as to the awe inspiring women across the globe, we at kinche dedicate our Vintage Kantha Jacket Collection.

Our jackets are up cycled and made of vintage fabric stitched together for years.. kinche believes in sustainable and ethical design and we are proud to present it in a beautiful way through our collection!

We love the contrast between structured and feminine in this collection: using unique swatches of brightly patterned vintage kantha fabrics, kinche has created one-of-a-kind, jackets that elegantly toe the line between modern and boho.

Since each jacket is made of vintage and unique handcrafted material, small blemishes add to the charm of each piece.

About Kantha:

Kantha refers to the distinct style of embroidery used to preserve and re-use vintage cotton saris and dhotis. Artisans patchwork and layer these vibrantly hued fabrics to be brought together by intricate kantha stichwork. The thread used for the work is also pulled from the sarees itself. One-of-a-kind products handcrafted thus, take upto 3 months to complete and enthuse tradition, dexterity and aesthetics in each piece.

Vintage Kantha Jackets
Vintage Kantha Jackets
Vintage Jackets for Women
Vintage Jackets for Women
Vintage Jacket made of Kantha Fabric
Vintage Jacket made of Kantha Fabric
Vintage kantha Jacket for women
Vintage kantha Jacket for women
Handmade Kantha Jacket
Vintage handmade Jacket
vintage jacket for women
kediyun style jacket




Vintage Kediyun

check our other designs at http://www.kinche.com




Vintage Kantha Quilts ~ Hand Selected ~ Wholesale Exporter

Vintage Kantha Quilts ~ Hand Selected ~ Wholesale Exporter






Vintage Kantha Quilts from kinche.com, Handmade Kantha Throws, Kantha Throws, Kantha Quilts, Buy Wholesale Kantha Quilts
Vintage Kantha Quilts from kinche.com

















We are an exporter of Vintage Kantha Quilts, handmade and selected from across India.

Our Service include –

1) Understanding your requirement in color, quality and aesthetics.

2) Choosing quilts from various suppliers across India.

3) Taking images and sending to the buyer for approval.

4) Finishing and washing quilts before sending across.

See the whole collection at –


Please feel free to contact us at info@kinche.com

Kantha Kraze :)

a perfect example of old world mixed with new.. Kantha is a traditional type of embroidery used to preserve and re-use vintage cotton saris, in small ethnic communities in Bengal, India.

kantha throws are original and one-of-a-kind pieces using vintage cotton fabrics in beautiful colors. Vintage saris are stitched together with tiny running stitches to form a slight delicate quilted effect. These original pieces are perfect for the end of your bed or draped on your couch, for that sophisticated elegance, or to curl under. The stitches also add aesthetic value to the throws.

Due to its age, each piece is delicate and the colors are mellowed due to years of washing.

Kantha Quilt, Vintage Kantha Quilts from kinche.com, Handmade Kantha Throws, Kantha Throws, Kantha Quilts, Buy Wholesale Kantha Quilts
Vintage Kantha Quilts from kinche.com

at kinche we source these quilts and some designs from place of origin, benefitting not only the workers but also the community of people involved in the process of making.

all our quilts at kinche are hand selected, designed, enzyme washed and cleaned to bring you the freshest of vintage experience.

pls have a look at our catalogue online and feel free to ask any questions ~

Kantha Vintage Throw, Handmade Kantha throw
Kantha Vintage Throw by kinche.com



Also Available at Amazon >> http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_home-garden?_encoding=UTF8&field-brandtextbin=kinche&node=1055398

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winter wraps in pashmina ~ steal the stole!

pashmina stoles India, Pure Pashmina Scarves, Pashmina shawl India, Certified Pashmina
pashmina stoles by kinche

a woman’s closet, they say, is incomplete without few accessories…i guess pashmina stole is one of the most sought after winter accessory..

be it your formal or casual ensemble, a dash of contrast color by a scarf can do wonders to your look!

solid color pashmina stole, burnt orange pashmina stole, plaid pashmina stoles, pure pashmina shawls and stoles, 100% pashmina from srinagar
plaid pashmina stole

from solids to plaids to embroidered, choose yours according to your winter wardrobe. use solid color stoles with prints, plaid or printed silk stoles to accentuate a solid color ensemble and embroidered ones for formal events.

english scarves, british style plaid scarves, pashmina scarves
winterburry chequer & plaid stole

experiment with eye catching pashmina colors according to the color trends for fall/winter 2013

pashmina scarf, pashmina stole, made in srinagar pashmina
the very classy, pashmina stole!

Women Work Wear Handbags ~ one is not enough! ;)

Working women handbags, handbags for work, professional handbags, workwear india,

Be a working woman or a home maker, when it comes to shoes and bags, one ain’t enough! every occasion requires a different bag, clutches for partying, hobos/ big bags for shopping, totes for work and satchels for anytime🙂

if your ensemble defines you, then your accessories accentuates your ensemble! choose one what you like and what you can carry comfortably! do not confuse it with whats in fashion and why you should flaunt it. keep a fair grip on the occasion and utility.

here are few suggestions from kinche, see it, like it and make it yours-

Wear to Work Bag – 

simple, stylish yet professional looking bags are the best. you do not want too much bling to attract unnecessary attention yet it shouldn’t be blah either!

keep quality in mind, always! a good leather bag will last you longer and will age well without causing you an unwanted embarrassment of skin peeling (in PVC bags) or fixtures coming out.

here are some finds for you – read on –

Wear to Work, leather Handbag, Calf Skin

kinche, grey Calf Skin Leather Handbag
Annalisa Black Leather Handbag
Women Handbags Online India, Leather Handbags Online India
Annalisa handbag

and…change the game, flaunt the rules, be professional yet edgy..

Wear to Work handbags, professional handbags, Women Office wear handbags
kinche, Red Office Wear Leather Handbag

hope you enjoyed the post. watch out for next one as we will be back with more styles and handbags for you!

keep rocking😉

-Payal for kinche.com

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Women Night Wear

Put your feet up with a relaxing cup of green tea and unwind the day’s work sitting comfortably in our cotton Pajams! Yup, they were designed keeping comfort in mind as a second choice😉

First choice, believe it or not was to get my hands on a “pretty” pajama as I got tired with the choices available in the market! Some were pretty but bad in quality and if everything looked perfect the fit was pathetic!

The worst was lounging around in those at my friends place, hence started the quest for creating not only pretty pajamas but pajamas I can comfortabley strut around in!
(yeah I do not jump into a shower straight after waking up…a cup of coffee and newspaper is more important for me in the morning)

Also here is an interesting history of pajamas i found online which I thought would be fun to share with you guys!

history of women pajamas🙂

and with much fan fare and drum roll I launch kinche nightwear, for my bffs and girlfriends around the world! I hope you like them as much as I loved designing them!

women sleepwear, cotton sleepwear for women, linen sleepwear for women, cotton pajamas for women
rose print cotton pajama! one of my favourites with striped inner belt and double sided ribbon to create interest. I imported all these accessories and embellishments as I couldnt find what I was looking for🙂 shop here>>


toile print womenswear, women pajamas, toile print, cotton pajamas for ladies, night wear for women, designer nightwear for women
toile print pajamas for women

<<Toile De juoy is a print close to my heart as I am absolutely in love with toile prints, pink colour and linen fabric! Finished again with imported ribbons and embellishments.

cotton pajama for women, womenswear India, women night wear India
pure cotton pajama with pom poms! Pure cotton pajama, with pom poms at the pocket, pink stripes piping and inner waist! >>>>> love!
crepe pajamas, crepe print nightwear, polka dot pajamas, bird print fabric, bird print pajamas
polka dots, birds and ribbons! <<<< Peppy and cute, my experiment with crepe fabric turned out really well! The fabric is light and soft to touch!

See more at kinche.com, click here!

Hand Crafted Wooden Nandi

Sourced from Gujrat, all the pieces in our Nandi collection are hand crafted and are actual Vintage Items. Use them to decorate the entrance or just put them together in a group on  coffee table.

Wooden Nandi’s can be used both in tradition land contemporary decor mixed with relevant items.

Hand Crafted Vintage Nandi, available at kinche.com

Each Nandi since is hand crafted, varies in size. You can buy a pair or single from kinche.com

Please note the items are pretty old but have been sealed with shellac/ epoxy to save them from deterioration.




hand crafted wooden cows at kinche.com, handcrafted artifacts, India, shop online india
Hand crafted Nandi/ Cow, Vintage

All artifacts are hand selected and refinished in a natural way.



Ilaria mai Italian Handbags at kinche.com

High fashion handbags, Italian handbags, shop online India
shop at kinche.com Now available at http://www.kinche.com




Each comme l’oiseau bag is realized in Milan, by Italian artisans, using Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather and many different fine Italian fabrics.

ilariamai and comme l’oiseau handbags collection were born in Milan, in 2010. The name is inspired by a poem of Paul Valéry: Il faut etre léger comme l’oiseau, et non comme la plume.

The comme l’oiseau handbag was created from the desire for a pure and versatile design, rich in possibilities of form and style, that accentuates above all the beauty of the materials: a hard Tuscan leather structure surrounds a soft reversible pouch, made of fine italian fabrics of different styles and types.

Ilaria mai Handbags available at kinche.com India
Ilaria mai Handbags available at kinche.com India

payal jaggi for www.kinche.com

Solar Power! Spring Summer Color Trends 2012

a jolt of energy & fun – solar power stands true to its name!

Spring Summer 2012, Color Solar Power, how to wear yellow color, what color matches yellow

Mango Dress
Mango Dress

net a porter skirt in yellow
net a porter skirt in yellow

net a porter carven dress
net a porter carven dres

Zara Blazer with black piping
Zara Blazer with black piping

Zara Top
Zara Top

ASOS Dress
ASOS Dress

go for mellow yellow if you hv pale skin & a earthy tone yellow if you have olive or dark skin. neon yellow is quite a fun color but doesn’t suit every skin tone. experiment with different shades to find yours!

do not forget to add accessories to your wardrobe this spring in solar power yellow color. a bright yellow scarf or a handbag in yellow color is easy to choose and carry!

For the Home – shades of yellow got a bright spot in home trends and home decor this year. use it as an accent color or for wall art.

some of our products in color yellow –

home decor vintage prints in india, antique print for framing, india, botanical antique prints online india, buy antique prints online
vintage floral print in yellow color

beautiful vintage floral print in color yellow. use as a single picture on the wall or as a set of 4 to 6 prints. framed in white wooden frame they are definitely going to add class to your room!

vintage botanical print at kinche.com

work by Edward Step & William Watson from color plates selected and arranged by D. Bois of the Natural History Museum of Paris.

available at http://www.kinche.com

delivery free across India.

write to us if you have any fashion or home decor related queries at info@kinche.com

Color trends – https://payaljaggi.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/cockatoo-the-vintage-green-spring-summer-2012-top-color/



cockatoo ~ the vintage green, Spring Summer 2012 Top Color

my favorite color this year, a mixture of blue & green! it reminds me of estate sales in california & flea market visits – just like ella moss quoted! cockatoo is also tiffany’s  signature color.

Spring summer color trends, Shopping online India

the best combination i feel with this color is the tangy orange, cream or peach. experiment with different shades of pink/ orange to see what looks best on you.

here are some of my fav finds from my fav shops!

  • printed maxi dress, Mango
    dress with cut out design, Zara
    Mango skirt+wear it with

    Zara blouse
    ankle length pants, Mango+ wear it with

    Zara blouse

    and some cool accessories to pep up your ensemble!

  • Accessories 2012


Spring Summer 2012 Top Color Trends ~ Tangerine Tango

tangerine Tango ~ Spring Summer top color trend 2012

tippy tippy tap, what color you want…ummmm Tangerine? right! Spring Summer’s most sought after color, bright, colorful and cheerful!

a color of vitality and vigor, stick to it to add some zing to your wardrobe. orange clothes reflect a warm glow on the wearer’s face hence making the person look younger.

Spring Summer 2012 Color Trends, Color Trends India 2012, Shop online India
Spring Summer 2012 Color Trends
Mango Maxi Dress
Mango Maxi Dress
shop jumpsuit online India
Designer Yosef peretz at kinche.com
Available at Zara

Accessories – play  a major part when it comes to color trends for any season. If the color is too bold for you, you can always play around with the accessories. Be it shoes, handbags or Jewelry, don’t be afraid to buy in bold colors as accessories are meant to pep up the ensemble!

Anya Sushko Clutch Bag in Tangerine, Handbags online, handbags trends, Zara handbags, Leather handbags, designer handbags India
Anya Sushko Clutch Bag in Tangerine available at kinche.com
Mango Handbags
Mango Handbag
Mango Necklace
Mango Necklace
Mango Necklace, Jewelry Zara, Jewelry Mango
Mango Necklaear



Launching in India | Marquis & Camus, Fashion Jewelry from NY

A perfect combination of femininity and edge, Marquis and Camus Jewelry brings a breath of fresh air in jewelry to India, with their superb designs and quality!

Fashion Jewelry India, buy jewelry online India, Jcrew style jewelry, rhinestone jewelry, vintage jewelry India, antique jewelry India
Marquis and Camus Necklace

All Marquis and Camus pieces are handmade & are made of vintage rare finds combined with contemporary counterparts. Ribbons, crystals & frills adorns these beautiful necklaces and bracelets.

Online Jewelry India
Marquis and Camus Frill and Flowers Necklace

Ever since I discovered Marquis & Camus a few months ago I have been drooling over the unique pieces of art.  I am very happy to bring them to India and offer them to our discerning audience through kinche.com

Buy designer jewelry online India
Marquis & Camus Earrings
Marquis and Camus Bracelet

Launching next week at www.kinche.com

Watch out for it!


Timeless Fashion ~ Vintage Wear Trend 2012

Look Inside, Look Outside. And try to balance! Yup, it is tough to find things you love while trying to please everyone.

In a similar vien , Vintage Fashion is not everybody’s cup of tea!

There are plenty of reasons to appreciate Vintage clothing. For me it’s the quality, the timeless appeal, the chance to look different, to own a one of a kind piece & to top it all, a chance to tastefully recycle!

When it comes to Vintage, Two of my favorite styles are 1920’s Flapper & 1950’s Wiggle Dresses! I think the dresses or Apparel from this era epitomize feminine style.

And, since these are sensibilities from an era gone by –  flaunt shamelessly, after knowing what not to flaunt.

The Do’s & Dont’s of Vintage Style Dressing : Like any other trend or way of dressing,  “less is more” here as well. Don’t go overboard trying to mimic the era completely.  My advice will be to make it your own and merge the old with the new. Choose wisely according to your body type & accessorize accordingly.

When buying Vintage clothing make sure you know the actual measurements – yours and the apparel. Don’t go just by the suggested sizes by the seller.

Vintage wear in India, Buy Vintage dresses online India, 1920's Dresses India, 1930's Fashion, 1940's Fashion, Flapper Dresses India, Wiggle Dresses India, Vintage Black Dress, Unique dresses, One of a kind Fashion
Classic Black Vintage Dresses ~ kinche.com

At kinche.com we have some lovely pieces of vintage dresses, available for delivery across India. These pieces are hand selected from various cities across the world. Sizes may vary accordingly – again, watch the actuals.


Hot New Fashion from kinche.com Available in India Now

Printed Manta Rey Dress, Party wear dresses India, Printed dress for party India, Party wear for women

Women Evening Wear 

Israels’s top Designer dresses for celebrities now available in India, exclusively at http://www.kinche.com

Yosef, who is known for his tremendous talent and boundless imagination, sharp senses and audacity, alongside with his endless charisma and colourful personality, is still going strong after more than a decade.

In 2000, Yosef presented his first collection. Yosef’s avant-garde and visionary designs became the “must have” items for  celebrities and socialites.

Shop for jumpsuits India, Designer Jumpsuit India, Fashionable Jumpsuit India, International Designer India
Hot New Jumpsuit, Yosef Perez
Women Dresses, Fashionable dresses India, Western Wear India, High Fashion Wear India, New Designer India, Top Fashion Blog
Black & White Pret Collection @kinche
Designer Leggings, Buy leggings online, Designer tights, Hot Tights
Designer Leggings
Evening gowns for women India, Evening wear for women India, Party wear India, Evening dresses online, Online shopping
Evening Gown by Yosef Perez





















Decorative Bird Cages – Available at kinche.Boutique

Bring on the vintage grace and country look to your living room or bedroom with these hand painted birdcages in white.

Find new ways to get creative with them. You can place candles inside or plants.

Use them for wedding decor or just for a tea party at home or in your garden.

Decorative Teak Cage India, Cage decoration, Decorating with bird cages
Decorative Teak Cage kinche.Boutique India

Here some pictures to give you some more ideas on decorating with cages..

<<<<< A beautiful set up with candles and bird cage adds warmth to a room and cozies it up! Choose wrought iron cage for candles.

Decorating with bird cages, handmade bird cages india, cottage decor ideas, farm house decor ideas
Decorating with bird cages

Maniac Monday!

Work Wear Ideas for women, India, India western wear dressing, Office Wear for women India, Shop for work wear India
Work Wear monday

Monday morning chaos, weekend was a dream, next one out of sight! Lets make it easy for you by deciding your ensemble (and if its not on top of your head, then make it)!

Make work wear fun and something to look forward to this week! Get this look or mix and match items from your wardrobe.

Experiment with different types of clothing items every day & make Friday dressing very fun!

Look Good, Feel Good!

-Payal J

Plus Size Dressing – Tips & Tricks!

This is not not your regular post on what to wear for plus sizes, but how to wear it. India has plenty of choices for plus size women or women with curves (as i like to say it).

Flaunt your curves in the right way and do not get narrowed down by the choices available in market in Apparel.

First thing First – Be proud of yourself and who you are! Take pride in dressing up and always feel good about your choices!

Here are some Tips for women in India and some observations made –


Indian wear is the most generous and forgiving form of dressing and it actually accentuates your curves if chosen wisely –

1) When it comes to saris, always try and go for small prints, solid color with least of embroideries and works! Try experimenting with different shapes of blouses  – for example deeper necks and longer sleeves, preferably 3/4 length as it can make your upper arms look slimmer.

– always choose good quality fabric and natural fabrics, like silk, cotton, chiffon or georgettes.

Saree for Plus size Women
Saree for Plus size Women

a) Tie your sari, slightly above the belly button. Do not tie a sari on your waist as it can make your middle look bigger.

b) Keep the colors simple (1 or 2) and avoid big or complicated prints. You can definitely choose bold colors though!

c) Accessorizing – Keep it minimum and if dressing for a wedding wear necklaces away from your face. If you are a plus size woman avoid wearing chokers.

Keep it to one bracelet or thin bangles while choosing jewelry for hand.

Go for longer earings instead of big studs.

Remember less color, less fussy prints and less jewelry gives a feeling of lightness.

To be continued for western wear and suits for plus size women – watch the space!

Look Good Feel Good!

-Payal Jaggi

Not so Gothic – Fall Winter 2011 Lace Trend

Lace Trend Fall Winter 2011

Fall Winter 2011 Top Trend – Lace trend

From flashy to trendy, from downright gothic to extremely feminine, from tarty to sophisticated, Fall Winter 2011 runway was full of lace in all forms and styles.

Lace apparel can be very feminine or can be very revealing. Choose what you like carefully as their is a pretty thin line between classy and tartish when it comes to Lace.

Here are some pieces chosen from various retailers in India, which I think are pretty clean and would definately enhance your wardrobe.

Lace trends 2011, Lace dress, lace dresses online, buy lace dress, Fall winter 2011 Fashion trends
Mango Lace Dress India

Mango, Ivory Lace Dress with cinched waist and a leather belt. Available at FCUK, Ambiance Mall,Gurgaon.

Zara Lace Blouse in green,line shopping lace on
Zara Lace Blouse in green


Zara Black Lace Dress, Black lace dress india,
Zara Black Lace Dress


Not any easy, fabric to embrace, so choose wisely when choosing an outfit or when going for bespoke clothing in Lace.

I personally think a Lace Sari would be a good addition to your wardrobe for current season. Choose a good quality as can make you look v frumpy, if made of cheaper quality.

ASOS Lace Top
Sexy ASOS Lace Top


Lace Top Promod
Lace Top Promod


Lace Bustier, India
Lace Bustier with a Jacket


Here is the link to an EBAY page if you are looking for a Lace bustier.

Accessories – Keep accessories to minimum and no fuss, as Lace garment can be pretty showy itself. Keep shoes simple in contrast color with out any embellishments on it.

Play the rest of the accessories down to accentuate your Lace Garment.


Feel free to write to me at payal@kinche.com, if you have any style related queries!

Look Good, Feel Good

-Payal Jaggi

Fall Winter Jumpsuits 2011

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Fall Winter 2011 Jumpsuit Trends

Come Fall and the love for Jumpsuits for women is still in the air! From Lace to Twill and From Full Sleeves to Mini, they were all there on the ramp 2011!

Here are some what I think are really cool –

Jumpsuits at Zara, Winter Jumpsuits at zara, Jumpsuits online India
Zara open back Jumpsuit

Zara’s beautiful black jumpsuit, available at Saket & Vasant Kunj

Wear it with – Pumps in contrast color, preferrably bronze color or bright blue. Accessories with a cuff.

Promod Jumpsuit

Wear it with a contact color cardigan for winters or a woolen stole.

Zara Denim Jumpsuit
Zara Denim Jumpsuit

Wear with a Fuchsia or contrast color cardigan.

Sequin Jumpsuit
Sequin Jumpsuit ASOS

ASOS Jumpsuit 

Beautiful Sequin Jumpsuit available online, with delivery worldwide at asos.com

Share with us your cool finds in India, write to us and we will update the info.

Feel free to call if you have any style related queries or write to payal@kinche.com


-Payal Jaggi

Work Dress Code Thursday!

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Yaaay Friday around the corner, all the more reasons to celebrate Thursday!!! Check out this work ensemble for women from Zara & Accessorize, put together to make you look pretty!

The palette is all neutral colors accented with red to add a tinge of fun!

I love these shoes I saw at Zara last week and couldn’t help adding them to the look. You can choose any style shoes in beige preferably or a subtle red..

Don’t go too matchy match while making changes and keep in mind that red is an accent color in this ensemble..

Look Good, Feel Good!

Coming up – The season of Trench Jackets!

Yes, we have them finally in India! And yes affordable too!

I absolutely love Zara’s and Mango’s collection of Trench Jackets & Coats.

Zara, Trench Jacket Long, how to wear trench jackets
Trench Jacket Long
Short Trench Coat , Zara, India buy trench Coat
Zara, Short trench Coat
Zara, White Short Trench Coat
Zara, White Short Trench Coat


Mango trench coat India, Trench Coats India, Fall Winter Trends 2011
Mango Trench Coat


I absolutely adore this Trench Coat from Mango, India. Love the Color and the simplicity of the Jacket.

Wear the Long Trench with Trousers, Jeans.

Tip – Don’t let the difference between the length of your  hemlines be drastically different.







Short Trench Coat Mango
Classic, Short Trench Coat Mango
Wear it With, wear Trench With
Wear it With













;D    😀         ;D        ;D          :D          :D           ;D            ;D            :D              ;D                 ;D

Also, check Esprit India for Trench Coats in Different Styles. I like the one in Grey as the seasons (Fall Winter 2011) favorite color is grey & my favorite too!

Grey Trench Coat from Esprit India
Grey Trench Coat from Esprit India
Khaki Trench Coat Esprit
Khaki Trench Coat Esprit










😀 Enjoy!

-Payal Jaggi for kinche.com

Lavender Hearts

kinche presents, handmade lavender hearts and sachets made of pure dry lavender flower imported from Kashmir. Keep the Lavender Sachets in your cupboards to fill them with fine Lavender smell or just hang them to a hanger in your wardrobe.

Lavender flower is a natural moth repellant and has no chemicals. The sachet last from 3 to 6 months and after that you can crush the content inside to make it last longer.

Lavender Sachets, India, Cupboard moth free solution, Natural Moth Repellant, Natural bugs repellant for clothes India
Lavender Pouch

Lavender Sachet made with 100% Linen Fabric and Chantilly Lace.

Filled with 40 Grams of Dry lavender Flower.

Natural Moth Repellant.

INR 380


Lavender bag, Display lavender, Car perfume, Natural perfume for car, Chemical free perfume for car, chemical free deodorizer
Bird Shape Stuffed lavender Bag

Handmade with 100% Linen Fabric.

Filled with 50 Grams of Dry Lavender flower.

Use it as a display for your car and to keep the car smelling fresh.

Natural Moth Repellant

INR 420


Lavender Bags, India, Shop online, Home goods online India
Lavender Filled Sachet/ Pouch


Handmade with 100% Cotton Percale Fabric.

Filled with 50 Grams of Dry Lavender flower.

Lavender, Drawer Sachets/ Bags.

Natural Moth Repellant

INR 380

Hope you enjoyed viewing/ purchasing the products as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

See ALL at Kinche Boutique.

Luxury Quilts, India

Hand made luxury quilts, European style quilts, pastel color quilts, India, buy online, Linen quilts,  quilts
Luxury Linen Quilt, Indigo

Hand Made and Hand Quilted, Indigo Quilt

Made from the finest fabric available in India, these linen quilts are pre washed to give you maximum comfort and no surprises after buying.

The fabrics are unique just like the quilts and are chosen wit hut most care. All the fabrics and quilts are pre washed to avoid any shrinkage or color bleed after purchase.

Ivory bed linen, India, Luxury bed linen India, Shabby Chic Style linen India
Ivory Luxury Quilt
















Chic and Shabby, check our Ivory Quilt at kinche Boutique. Made of pure cotton, Pre washed and filled with 100% cotton wool.

Cotton Percale Quilt, Printed, Cotton Quilt, Toile prints India, Toile Quilts India, Wholesale and Retail
Pure Cotton Percale Quilt, Printed

Hand Selected percale Fabric, Cotton Fill 100%, this luxury quilt is reversible and soft to touch.

See more Quilts at our India Boutique on Face Book.

You can order these quilts for a free Delivery in India through FB. Website is coming soon.



White Home Linens!

Clean & crisp, like mountain air, don’t you just love sleeping in white sheets?

I got this collection – for kinche especially for people who love the color white and would love to enjoy the luxury of pure cotton against their skin.

Made from finest cotton available in India, hand embroidered and pre washed, kinche’s – White Collection have been made with love and care to give you the best experience ever with quality!

buy white bed linens india, embroidered bed linens, ivory duvet cover, white duvet cover and sheets India, Cotton sheets India online
White Linen - Duvet Cover King
hand embroidered table linen, white table linen, India
White Hand Embroidered Table Linen
White hand Embroidered Table Linen - leaves

Table linens in White, Hand Embroidered on finest Cotton.

White home linen, white bed sheets, razai cover white
Lavender Duvet Cover in Pure Cotton

Like them? See more at


– http://www.facebook.com/Kinche.Boutique


Decorating with Vintage Botanical Prints

I have always been fascinated with vintage prints, be it art deco style or old botanical lithographs or Japanese block prints. I so waned to decorate with them when they were in plenty around me. Now I hv to literally import them & I have got them for you all too!

They look awesome on walls if you have western style decor or on a plain cream wall in your kitchen!

home decor frames, decorating with prints, decorating with botanical prints, home decor with botanical art, plant art prints, vintage prints india, lithographs india
Beautiful Living Room with Pastel Color Scheme & Bright Color Botanical Prints
home decor frames, decorating with prints, decorating with botanical prints, home decor with botanical art, plant art prints, vintage prints india, lithographs india
Dining Room Decor Idea
homes and gardens, room decor ideas, green walls, wall art for colored walls,
Living Room with Green Accent Wall & Botanical Prints

Botanical art or Vintage prints are also excellent for accent walls, where if the colors are  bright there is no problem with that clashing with the Art.

In fact the muted tones and contrast of Vintage prints accentuates your wall.

Here are some of the vintage prints/lithographs available online in India at >>> kinche boutique.

Vintage lithographs India, Buy Vintage botanical Prints India, Antique original Botanical prints India, Buy online lithographs India
Bedding Verbenas

Vintage butterfly print, Vintage lithograph, original lithographs India, Home Decor with botanical prints
Apollo Butterflies

Feel free to write to me if you need any help with Home Decor Ideas. More prints at >>>> kinche


of Faded Rugs & More!

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Vintage looking pale rug in pure Wool, Hand Knotted - 6X9


















New hand made rugs on Kinche.com

Hand knotted with the finest wool, vintage colors to give an evergreen feel to the rugs.

Kinche is showcasing some finest products, hand selected to bring you the best of the lot!

Check rug trends and restorationhardware.com for decorating with these versatile rugs.

gold color rugs, carpets in India, pastel color rugs india, vintage looking new carpet IndiaHow to choose  carpet, Decorating with rugs



Gold, Beige o Light Color rugs are ideal for decorating rooms as they add warmth and coziness to the room without interrupting with the designing style…

Decor Ideas with Persian Rugs 









Decorating with subtle color rugs













living_room_decor ideas, decorating with rugs, accentuate your living room with rugs, luxury living rooms decor ideas














Mens Spring Summer Dressing Style 2011!

Mens Spring Summer 2011 trend, mens fashion trends, summer linens for men, zara men, European style dressing for men
Mens Spring Summer Style 2011

Sexy, Sauve and Cool: these are the words which come to my mind when I see men dressed in Linens. What can do more justice to Indian summers than linen clothing in cream, grey or beige color?

A new color pretty popular in linen for this summer is N Blue, replacing the black for summer 2011.

Check out Zara’s summer collection for latest summer wear for 2011.

Look smart and yet casual without too much color! Urban in nature the Zara 2011 collection for men is stylish and at par with current trends in Fashion for Men.

Tips for Summer Dressing for Men :

When dressing up in neutrals make sure the accessories are in brown or crier color, for example wear the white linen pants with brown shoes & beige/ brown belt.

The hats, any style should be in neutral color too. Accessories like bags would look ideal in tan color. 

Do not go for tight-fitting clothes when choosing smart casual wear. The slouchy, carefree look is back in style and would only look good if the fit is not too tight.

The linen pants come in two styles – drawstring and belted. Choose drawstring pants to get a classy, comfy look. Also linen pants matched with a natural fibre shirt and a linen jacket would look ideal for a summer wedding or a beach wedding. 

Get leather moccasins or leather sandals to finish the look.

Rule of the thumb : colored linen shirts go with white, gray or beige linen pants; white linen shirts go with colored, gray or beige linen pants. 

Need style advice for summer dressing? Feel free to contact me.

-Payal Jaggi

Hot Bottoms – Spring Summer 2011 Top trend

Colored Jeans, How to wear Colored Jeans, Buy Colored DenimTippy Tippy Tap! What Color you Want?

Hmmm Pink first and then maybe a turquoise!!! You name it, you got it! Check out the latest trend for jeans at Zara and at Mango.com

You can also try international sites like netaporter.com for colored Harem pants in bright neon colors…Whatever the brand is, the style is definitely colored! Match your colored denim or crop pants with contrast colors or ivory colored blouses in cotton.

Accessorize with contrast jewelry and colorful shoes.